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Mary _____ like swimming in the pool.
James likes _____ yoga.
Amanda and Kevin _____married 2 years ago.
Cristina _____ very hard for her math exam.
I've got _____ hair.
If I _____ you, I would buy that red dress for the party.
Burj Khalifa is _____ building in the world.
When the sink gets clogged, we call a _____.
Tom was driving 80 miles _____ hour on _____ motorway.
If Kate _____ $1 million in the lottery, she _____ the money to charity.
Google is a _____.
If I _____ to the party yesterday, I _____ gone for sure.
Jenna is interested _____ modern dance, arts and sculpture.
Coffee _____ in Brazil.
Alex Dulles was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to 20 years in _____.
Sarah is keen _____ ballet dancing, exercising and opera.
Jess _____ a suit to work, but she can if she wants to.
Nate is thinking _____ to Harvard next year.
Penelope is very _____, he's had a ____ day at work.
Thrilled is an extreme adjective of what adjective?
When something is invaluable, it is _____.
When the house has got ghosts in it, it is_____.
Our school is located in the _____ of our house.
I _____ apply for a job next summer.
The kidnapper of Jason's son asked the parents for____.
I must have lost my hat on the way home. I need to ____ my steps and try to find it.
You must keep your belts _____ during take off and landing.
Alex and Tim were great friends at university, however, they _____ lost touch over the years.
They announced severe weather changes on the _____.