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I am Alice and I _____ from the USA.
Jim and Anna _____ married. They live in Canada.
New York City is _____ expensive city but it is so beautiful.
Kevin works in ____ international company. _____ company is very successful.
_____ brother is a teacher.
My _____ party was fun.
I saw my friend _____ Monday.
Kate usually wakes up ____ 6 AM.
Joanna _____ 3 older brothers.
Tom _____ in Dubai last year.
Tom _____ in Dubai for a year.
Tom _____ in Dubai at the moment.
I usually _____ to work by car, but today I _____.
Gold is _____ than silver.
I _____ the house while my mum _____ dinner.
If I _____ free tomorrow, I _____ go shopping for new clothes.
If he _____ the president of the student association, he _____ organize lots of fun events and parties for students.
If I _____ the chance to go back in time, I _____ traveled more often.
Coffee beans _____ in Brazil.
I was very _____ last night because the movie we saw was very _____.